Jess Vincent

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SHINE REVIEW – Jelli Records

“Jess Vincent is a singer/songwriter from Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire she has a very distinctive voice and she is a pretty good songwriter as well. She has been compared to Kate Bush, but I would also add with hints of Dolly Parton.
This  is her latest album which was released on the 25 September 2015. The CD has twelve tracks which take you on journey of life’s highs a lows whilst  exploring a rainbow of emotions and stories with which the listener can easily  identify and this is the key to a good album which this undoubtedly is.
Her style is a fusion of country, country folk and folk music these three styles are delivered extremely well in the first tracks and sets the standard for the album, the common link  being Jess’s voice which gives it a stamp originality.
The title track ‘Shine’ is being released as a single and deservedly so as it has all the ingredients to make you feel good and want to wriggle!
This is a delightful twelve track album not to be missed and savoured, it gives the listener plenty to choose from and no doubt every one will have their  favourite song(s); I was like a kid in a sweet shop when I first heard it not knowing which tracks to go for so I took the lot! Enjoy this little gem.”Brian Inglis