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Spreading a little love at Christmas LOVE ME TRUE

Thanks Jon Earl  Jon filmed this one freezing November morning. I’m surprised you can’t see my breath!  This is LOVE ME TRUE from my latest album SHINE, recorded shed style.

LOVE ME TRUE is a love song, written from the heart. Its a song asking simply to be loved entirely, without question, and through everything, sadness, age, and temptations.
The single will be available for download on iTunes and Amazon and all the usual outlets from 11 Dec 2015.I feel that the true meaning of Christmas these days is love, charity, bringing people together and looking after one another. I believe the best of people comes out around this festive time, and although not everyone shares the festive spirit etc, universally everyone shares love in one form or another. ‘Love me through, when I’m blue, and I’m no longer new’, is a lyric we could apply to lover, friend and family member.”Pennyblack Music describes LOVE ME TRUE as a yearning love song: “Vincent’s crystal-clear vocals sending shivers down the spine. At times her voice soars…. It’s a gorgeous song that clocks in at three and a half minutes but feels like it’s only lasted a minute. All good things end too soon and this is one song that you could hear all day and never tire of.”  Thank you Pennyblack Music!
Jess x