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Time for Reflection – Jess Vincent

2017 is the year of change… and wow, there have been changes!

Since moving to Bulgaria I have been inspired from every corner, every sunrise, every sunset, every encounter, every difference in culture, the Bulgarian music and the people.

And most importantly I have had time. Time to reflect, time to look at the hasty scribblings on pieces of loose paper and form new songs and meanings. Time to edit, time to experiment, time to push the boundaries.

I am so excited about the new album. I am even more excited about coming back to the UK and performing them to you.

I’m not giving too much away yet, but the album will be full of the things and people I left behind, and also about the new changes, from the village I live in to the seasons and new life experiences .

I will be releasing little teasers in the next few months for the album and we are busy recording and mixing the songs ready for a summer release.

More soon, in the meantime stay warm and enjoy the start of spring. I’ll leave you with a photo of one of my favourite places to sit and write ( with my puppy,  Josie the Beagador. She does more snuffling than writing. )

Love Jess xxxx