Jess Vincent


Jess Vincent live at Philleigh Folk Club

  • Date: 30th November 2016
  • Location: Cornwall
  • Venue: Philleigh Folk Club


I’m really looking forward to playing at Philleigh Folk Club
How to get tickets:-
Because our room is small (capacity 40), we strongly advise you to reserve tickets to avoid a fruitless journey and ultimate disappointment. This may be done by ringing or e-mailing the organiser (details above). Reserved tickets, plus any left unreserved, will be available from 6.15 on the door. With your name on the ticket you can then put it on your seat to book your place. We have found that this system works. 
How to get there :- 
We meet at the Roseland Inn, Philleigh which is situated about 1 1/2 miles west of Ruanhighlanes (signposted in the village ) and about 1 mile east of the King Harry Ferry. Please refer to separate page for more detailed directions.
Ar Dowr, Trelawny Road, St Mawes TR2 5DU